Anger Management with Hypnotherapy & NLP in Reading, Wokingham, Woodley, Berkshire within 5-6 sessions of hypnosis/hypnotherapy.

Anger is a normal feeling and a very healthy way of saying that we are hurt or frustrated; at least it is better that bottling it all up and then becoming aggressive because we are feeling very heavy and frustrated. But people who act out on their angry feelings are the clients for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for anger management! Because it simply means they are not longer feeling their anger long enough to decide on a healthy way to deal with it; they are reacting to the sensations of being trapped, helpless and frustrated by throwing them out of their system via their loud voice, via their pounding on the tables, via their smashing into the door or even hitting other people.

Do you find that despite saying "i will calm down today when i feel critisized by my wife and discuss it with her!" your tension in the neck and shoulders is already flying out of your control as soon as she opens her mouth and you end up shouting? Even when you are shouting, there is a part of you that knows it is not helping, isn't there? Are you one of those people who cannot calm down for hours and find that a lot of their energy has been spent attacking others while all you were really trying to do was say "i feel hurt!"? Have you been in situations where you feel so cornered that you are suffocating and attacking others verbally, emotionally, even physically,to get out of the situation but the situation is merely one where the colleagues are just having a laugh but you are not able to see that at all because you have lost control?

Anger management becomes a must with clients who seek hypnotherapy, NLP and therapy when the marriage is under threat or they cannot get that promotion at work or else the children do not want to talk to them because of their anger or else they do not wish for their children to adopt their strategy of anger, aggression as a way of communicating hurt, frustration, fear, threat or low self-esteem. Anger is often the only tool some people have learnt as their communication style when it comes to communicating vulnerable feelings that make them feel out of their comfort zone or out of control. Anger released as an "acting out" behaviour keeps that sense of power, control and authority within them and they can walk out feeling released in the short run; but in the long run even they know they have said or done angry, aggressive things that are damaging the marriage, relationship or work atmosphere.

When we say some people need treatment (therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP therapy) for Anger Management we mean that they need help to express their angry feelings and thoughts in healthy ways. I have had many clients over the years who have expressed a fear of losing all ability to be angry if they come for Hypnotherapy. What Hypnotherapy helps with is emotional regulation so that the client can get time to calm down and then decide how,when and what to do to release his or her anger in a way that helps others understand as well as sympathise with their viewpoint.

Most people with anger, aggressive or stress symtoms that escalate in aggression find they cannot control the adrenaline rush but even as they are aggressing with their voice, tone and choice of words, they report a part that knows they will regret it later but just cannot stop the behaviour. Hypnotherapy for anger , stress or aggressive behaviours helps clients to control their limbic system that triggers the "fight" system(the reptilian brain that is supposed to wake up only in emergency situations can get disregulated, so that the person feels constantly under threat, thus uses control, perfectionism as a conpensating tool) via relaxation and techniques aimed at safety and then retrain the client for skills aimed at sharing, listening and feeling negative emotions.

Most people with anger issues report generally being unable to express vulnerable emotions, like being in control via their professional identity so keep a lid on their feelings with loved ones, or else they cannot get into conflict (normal aspects of relationships) without getting aroused in anger very quickly. Hypnotherapy for anger management aims to retrain that client in learning tools and techniques so that he/she can sustain the discomfort of conflict in relationships, to listen to constructive feedback as well as to contribute to fighting their corner in a healthy tone of voice! Thus the same client who wants to say "where are my keys gone?" will be able to say so feeling in control and safe rather than feeling undermined, threatened and aggressive,responding under attack.

I am sure we all know somebody who cannot control their anger and just blows off out of proportion at simple things:

The same happens with aggression: the individual feels under attack and retaliates too strongly verbally and physically. The fact is that the individual knows very well he/she should not behave that way and is even quite helpless with his/her own aggressiveness/anger.

Hypnotherapy works marvellously well in these cases for two major reasons:
  1. In Hypnotherapy we are working with the unconscious mind (read paradox of the unconscious mind) where all our instinctive reactions have taken roots and angry/aggressive people often feel helpless once those triggers get touched upon. They have forgotten when they learnt unconsciously to blow up if someone say “you are being silly” or if they just imply it. The trigger has been programmed in the inner mind and gets set up automatically. Just as healthy responses e.g. hugs and politeness are learnt and then becomes unconscious so can anger be learnt as a coping mechanism to safeguard oneself against feeling vulnerable, weak or out of control. Hypnotherapy and NLP works with the right, unconscious brain directly as hypnosis tools are aimed to work with automatic, instinctive and emotional responses in our system.

    What a Hypnotherapist will do is access the inner mind and help the client de-program those painful, unhealthy, angry, aggressive triggers and set more constructive reactions to anger e.g. like talking it out, shouting within limits, staying within boundaries of self-respect etc.

  2. The added bonus here is that we train the mind to relax and become calm so that we can access the unconscious mind and this results in the clients also learning to relax their mind and body.

Over five to six sessions of hypnotherapy and NLP on average, the client is helped to develop a more constructive unconscious mindset which he then practices over a few more weeks as he is taught self-hypnosis and given other techniques to practice in between sessions.

Although at this stage it seems impossible to you that anything can help you develop control over that temper of yours because you have tried and tried helplessly over the years without much success, don’t worry.

In Hypnotherapy, you and your hypnotherapist are doing the work under expert guidance but the effect is more powerful as you will be under such a deep state of relaxation that your brain becomes more receptive than it is at the moment.Hypnosis helps you change the way the brain perceives tones or words your brain is receiving from other people as well as information you take on board unconsciously; so in the past if someone felt arrogant it would trigger your frustration and then your angry buttons; with hypnotherapy and after treatment with your hypnotherapist that same arrogance will be perceived as ridiculous and frustrating but your series of responses are several and rich in your unconscious mind and you feel in control of how and what you are going to respond to that arrogance; you can still be angry but with elegance and control!

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