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Panic Attacks treated with Hypnotherapy within 4-6 sessions

"Feeling Close To Death"

A well-dressed executive fidgets at the boardroom table; for some reason he can't seem to understand what the other directors are saying."what's the matter with me? I can't concentrate! my stomach feels like one big knot!"

A young mother stands in the line at the supermarket."six people ahead of me and the baby won't stop crying. I can't stand this waiting;I feel as though I'm going to pass out!"

Panic attacks have earned their name very well. The first time it happens the person is taken by surprise and caught in panic for all the signs and symptoms are just like those felt by a dying person. It is common for the person to feel quite at ease one minute and find that the next minute he/she is struck by utter terror.

The most common symptoms of a panic attack are:

  • racing heartbeat
  • difficult breathing/panting
  • Fear of dying
  • Chest pains
  • Blurry vision
  • ringing in ears
  • dizziness/nausea
  • Profuse sweating
Panic attack versus panic disorder:
A panic disorder is diagnosed when a person has had four or more panic attacks in one month or one panic attack followed by a month of fear of having another attack. Panic disorder is the next step up from panic attacks and it is usually known that it takes longer for a person to recover once he/she is diagnosed as having panic disorder.

Panic disorder is often accompanied by other symptoms along with the above e.g. depression and may lead to phobias developing to situations where panic attacks have occurred.

Panic attacks are a form of fear but after the first attack it becomes more a fear of the fear situation. Compared to a phobia where the feeling of fear occurs every time one goes near the feared object sufferers of panic attacks experience intense fear of the unknown. After the first "out of the blue" attack the person lives with an internal, constant self-generated fear of another attack.


A Hypnotherapist works with the Doctor's diagnosis in cases of panic attacks. After the first panic attack the client usually experiences what we term as Panic Escalation which shows four phases:
  1. The client makes unrealistic self-statements that keep them in state of constant alarm and their body become tense due to the fight or flight response.

  2. The client begins to fear the fear itself;as their nerves and bodies become more sensitized they begin to anticipate the panic attack.

  3. The client begins to reject their own rational feelings and thoughts as their fear escalates.

  4. The client will begin to avoid any situation where they perceive they may experience feelings of panic;if they do enter an avoided situation then a panic attack occurs.
The mind is a very powerful thing and it can be tuned, programmed to receive suggestions quite easily, though still maintaining control and understanding. The mind controls all of our thoughts - good and bad - but can sometimes be tricked into believing things that are "not quite right" which then signals other parts of the body to react accordingly which is exactly what happens in panic attacks.

Through hypnotherapy the aim is to relax the conscious mind to such an extent that we can feed the unconscious mind with healthier ways of coping with stress situations, their breathing process and the fears. Through visualisation in a trance state the daunting images the client consciously carries of having another attack and dying are replaced with feelings of control;in the relaxed state when the client looks upon the symptoms he/she feels in charge of the body's response and regain his sense of power over his/her body and mind.

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