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Phobias/Fears treated within 4-6 sessions

"The Brain Knows But The Heart Fears"

Every one of us is fearful of something or somebody or some situation e.g. an insect or the teacher or some social gathering; our reactions range from slight trembling to sweating and increased heartbeats etc.

To have a phobia you must have those reactions with ten times more intensity to the point where you actively avoid the phobic stimulus. You may feel as if you are having a heart attack and no reasoning can reassure you except running away from the situation and trying constantly to avoid it. With a social phobia the person will actively avoid being in social places and will even refuse to do any shopping or go on the bus! In the case of developing a phobia for an object e.g. flying, or heights , the person will stop important functions e.g.a seminar, business meeting etc or else if forced in the situation will feel as if he is suffocating, having difficulty breathing and may even feel as if he/she is going to pass out.

Paradoxically enough phobias are a very common presence in our society given the little we talk and discuss about it openly. They may start in childhood or due to a trauma. It is an excessive fear that the person cognitively knows is irrational and yet cannot control the emotional reactions and the loss of control over his reasoning capacity except having the urge for flight.

Over a certain period the situation becomes a vicious circle: the more we avoid the phobic object(spiders) situation(social gatherings) the more we fear them and the more the fear grows the more inhibited we become to face them and the more we are convinced that the situation has more control over us than we have over it.

Over time so much of our energy is spent planning about how to stay away from the phobic situation that the person can become less functional, feels tired and drained and does not have much time for healthy activities. The phobia also has its toll on our self-esteem as we know that we are not being "reasonable" and we feel ashamed in front of our circle of family and friends. We may often judged as being weak or cowardly but we do know that phobias are valid feelings when we realise that around ten percent of the population is undergoing the same problem we may feel more confident in seeking solutions to our problem.


Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind as we've already seen before. Phobias seem to be controlled by our feelings more than from our logical brain so what better alternative than hypnotherapy can there be where the conscious mind is made to "sleep" so that the unconscious mind can be accessed. Two areas of the unconscious mind can be accessed here: the part that knows how the phobia came about and retain the memories about it all; and the part of the unconscious where you have stored potentials and skills that you do not even know you possess but that you have used unconsciously.

Hypnotherapy will: