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Design your own self image

Every moment of our life we feel under scrutiny of our own and others perceptions and judgements. It is important to distinguish the difference between the two: when we feel other people are judging us it is, in fact often our own thoughts that we are projecting on to them. They may not be thinking anything in the glance or smile they gave us but because we are thinking constantly about how inferior or lacking we are we often believe we see a confirmation of that in the other's behaviour.

The moment we accept this reality of life we recognise the value of our own thoughts and the vicious pattern that we are creating by feeding and maintaining negative, unhealthy images, thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Because what happens then is that we see every single other as confirming those images, feeling and thoughts constantly and the more we read them the more we feed and convince our mind of our own uselessness.If you wish to understand more about the power of the mind to control us read the page on 'paradox of the unconscious mind'.

From the moment we are born we receive messages about ourselves. The messages that we receive TELL US WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE WORTH

If we were lucky to have received more positive messages then we grow with a positive self-image and self-worth but not all of us are that lucky.

For those of us who got mostly critical or judgmental messages such as 'get out of here', 'you are not good enough', 'you are a waste of my time', 'when will you do something with your life', 'nothing you do is good enough' we learn to believe that we are not supposed to have anything good to give, we are annoying and unpleasant to be around and that we should not bother trying because we are going to fail anyway

With messages like these coming in loud and clear how are we supposed to develop the courage to get to know others and form relationships later on in life? After all, if they get to know us they will find out just how annoying and unpleasant we really are!!

Positive messages encourage growth and a positive self-image while negative messages condition us to feel down about whom we are and doubt our own worth as human beings.

Hypnotherapy gives us a bridge into the UNCONSCIOUS MIND where all these messages and beliefs about our self worth are stored. We might have forgotten them and we are working in well paid jobs and succeeding on the surface of our lives but our inner feelings are still very derogatory; the feeling of success just does not reach and shine inside. We keep moving from challenge to challenge hoping the next one will bring more fulfilment but it just doesn't.

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