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"Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, truly believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to the solution."
David J. Schwartz

Welcome to Inner Potential Hypnotherapy and NLP which specialises in treating emotional and mental problems such as depression/Anxieties, panic attacks, low self esteem, agression/anger, phobias and sexual problems/Abuse.

There are four main reasons for working with Inner Potential Hypnotherapy when you are dealing with an emotional or mental issue:

  1. Your Hypnotherapist in Berkshire, Amreeta, is trained as a Psychologist as well and has worked in a therapeutic way with child and domestic/sexual abuse for five years before she chose to channel her expertise by training as a clinical Hypnotherapist as well. Thereby she has not only the Hypnosis techniques to apply to the issues you may have but she also has the therapeutic knowledge and experience of doing it in the most professional and safe way, so that the change process from problem to potential in your life is smooth and long lasting.
  2. Inner Potential Hypnotherapy is a specialist service: for the past eight years Amreeta has been specialising in anxiety management, panic attacks,Anger management, phobias, depression and low self-esteem and she has been working both with children/adolescents and adults around Berkshire.
  3. Amreeta can say with her experience of 8 years in full-time Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis practice in Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell and Woodley that she has found an average of 4-6 sessions is all that it takes for issues such as anxieties, phobias, panic attacks, low self esteem, anger and stress to be resolved; and with children it can take even lesser sessions. But with cases where there's a history of child abuse, sexual abuse or emotional breakdowns the sessions can go up to eight or ten.
  4. Amreeta is registered with the BSCH (British Society of Clinical Hypnosis), GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register and HA (Hypnotherapy Association) and works closely with G.P. surgeries, counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals in Berkshire. She goes through regular supervision and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programs as well so that she maintains the professional and ethical level of Inner Potential Hypnotherapy even after years of training as Psychologist and Hypnotherapist!

What is hypnosis/hypnotherapy and how can it help?

Hypnosis is a safe and natural phenomenon which occurs everyday in our lives. Everyone of us has experienced a trance state while listening to our favourite piece of music, while daydreaming or while meditating. Everyone is puzzled or fascinated by Hypnotherapy. The word itself brings an expression of surprise, curiosity or resistance because the general public has observed the Hypnotist controlling another person...That is a myth because hypnosis allows you to get more in touch with your emotional and sensory brain and all a hypnotist is doing is create the illusion that he is doing it!

As human beings we are curious: we fly to new places, we swim deep in the seas to find out more about the mystery of the world around us. Hypnotherapy helps you explore the depths of your inner world by accessingyoursubconscious mind.We are all in touch with that subconscious mind when we are enjoing something deeply but with Hypnotherapy that part of the mind becomes more aware and absorbing of information.

The unconscious mind is where we store all our thoughts beliefs and emotions. It also controls our bodily functions. Our conscious mind is the controller and approver of what it will allow out of the unconscious mind and prefers to repress all those emotions which can be hurtful or traumatizing. But the unconscious still find ways of expressing itself e.g. an anxious person will worry in her mind about the presentation due in two weeks and will spend seepless nights. She is already under self-imposed hypnosis of her emotional brain creating panic and the conscious brain knows it is all in the future but cannot convince the body which is secreting stress hormones at 4am while the person is anxious about the presentation. So what does that tell you as a possible client for Hypnotherapy about the power that your unconscious has of controlling you the logical person and giving control over your emotions and body to your panic, anxiety, anger, phobia or insomnia?

Ironically enough it is the unconscious mind that from behind the curtain of consciousness controls our behaviours and mannerisms of everyday. Have you caught yourself saying "I do want to stop smoking but I can't - something else controls me......." or "I do want to control my eating habits but I don't have that power...." or "I wish I could have more self-confidence, but my body and voice trembles despite myself in a social situation....". well you have and are experiencing the power of your unconscious mind.


The unconscious mind does not only repress our emotions but it also stores our capacity for amelioration and growth. Have you ever experienced yourself achieving a considerable amount of work in a few hours of intense concentration and focus? That same amount of work could have taken you days to complete. Here you have experienced the power of your unconscious to help you achieve.

How does hypnotherapy and NLP work?

Hypnotherapy helps the conscious mind to relax and allow the unconscious mind to open and accept positiveideas and suggestions; once these suggestions are imprinted and reinforced through hypnotherapy they take a more rooted form and help in removing the old negative beliefs. The client comes with his/her problem and a treatment plan is drawn with his/her co-operation. The sessions last for approximately one hour each and two to five sessions are enough depending on the nature of the problem. Treating a deep rooted phobia will take longer than an exams phobia, for example.

To understand how Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy works, imagine the last movie or play you watched: it took only two to three hours of your time and you came out of the theatre remembering mostly what you saw on the stage. We rarely appreciate how many people have worked and thought over that movie/play and how many hours they have put in to deliver it on the stage. Now imagine your inner mind's theatre: The conscious mind is the actor on the stage; it acts under the direction of the unconscious mind which is like the director we don't see. Behind the conscious lies the unconscious mind where there are triggers set by our life experiences/memories and whenever those triggers are stimulated we react automatically.

Hypnotherapy and NLP does not work against the wish and will of the client. The belief that the hypnotherapist has taken control over the mind of the person is a myth that clinical hypnotherapy is proving wrong everyday in practice.Everyday events are done either consciously or unconsciously....you drive unconsciously and relaxixngly if you enjoy it and you drive unconsciously and very tensed if you hate driving...what do i mean? simply that the scared driver is driving under the state of his mind's creating unconscious images of danger and threat even if logically there is nothing out there going wrong on the road.

Ever caught yourself saying consciously relax, relax, it's going to be okay but your body and mind were panicking& pushing you to run away from the situation? You do not run but you are left with this constant conflict/war between your conscious and unconscious mind and it leaves you feeling more frustrated every time."I do want to stop being scared but I just can't", something else controls me...or "I wish I could be more confident, but my body and voice trembles despite myself in a social situation".Well you have and are experiencing the power of your unconscious mind!


Behaviours which have regressed into the unconscious mind can only be changed by accessing that part of the mind. The conscious mind can reassure and encourage but put in front of the situation it is the unconscious mind thattakes over and you feel helplessly insecure. Those old triggers need to be accessed and changed for your future behaviour to change and Hypnotherapy and NLP helps beautifully and efficietly with anxiety, anger management, panic attacks, low self-esteem/confidence issues as well as deep emotional issues like sexual abuse, depression, child abuse survivors, marital issues of anger and trust.

Can hypnotherapy be harmful?
No,hypnotherapy helps towards relaxing the body and mind if nothing else. When practised ethically and according to the needs of the client hypnotherapy can only be beneficial.

Is hypnotherapy expensive?
No,hypnotherapy is a very cost-effective solution because in 5s-6 sessions most clients achieve up to 80-90% of their goals. The first session lasts up to 90 minutes with consecutive sessions lasting approx 1 hour and with Inner Potential Hypnotherapy and NLP.

For more information or enquiries about Hypnotherapy and NLP treatment in Wokingham/Bracknell, Hypnotherapy and NLP in Reading/Caversham, Hypnotherapy and NLP in Twyford/Maidenhead, Hypnotherapy and NLP in Woodley/Earley, Berkshire please call Amreeta on 0118 926 9978/0786 129 3634 or email her amreeta@innerpotential.info or else do visit the contact page for more details on timings.
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